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A Partnership of Gratitude

As the owners of Rosetta Coffee Company, we are proud to partner with Shriners Children’s Boston in honor of our son Max, who has and continues to receive world-class pediatric burn care at Shriners Children’s Boston after sustaining serious burn injuries.

“If we had not learned about Shriners Children’s Boston, Max would not have made the strides he has made so quickly. We are grateful to the entire burn care team.”
- Aaron Skeen, Max’s Father

Our Mission

We are a small batch specialty coffee roaster based in Lynchburg, Virginia and we have been roasting and distributing specialty coffee in the southeast since 2006. Rosetta Coffee is committed to choosing the finest quality green coffee beans and making them into the most delicious and innovative coffees available. We micro-roast all of our coffees; that is why you can be sure that every cup of coffee you brew is the freshest possible. Rosetta Coffee aims to connect you to the coffees you will love.