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Ethiopia Grade 1

Ethiopia Grade 1

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Our lightest roast coffee; this one requires a little TLC - but will reward you in the end with the bright flavors and innate sweetness characteristic of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Grind right before using, and make sure to use water that is very close to boiling.

Flavors: Berry, Sweet and Bright

By default, all our coffees are shipped whole bean, so make sure that you have a grinder on hand so that you get the freshest cup possible! If you do not have a grinder at home, select how you brew your coffee so we can grind it before we ship your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my coffee take to ship?

We speciality roast our coffee to ship. Orders typically ship within 1-3 Business days and will arrive within 7 days.

Where do you source your coffee?

We sustainably source our coffee from vendors we have visited in ...

Can I cancel my coffee subscription?

Yes you can cancel at anytime