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Holiday Gift Kits

Holiday Gift Kits

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Check out our Holiday Kits, perfect for coffee lovers of all kinds! 

The Sampler Kit- A little of all of our favorites for the coffee lovers in your life!

  • 5 - Steeped Coffee Packs
  • 6 - 2oz Sampler Bags of Coffee 
  • 2 - Third Wave Water Packs
  • 1 - Squeeze Bottle Sauce (White Chocolate, Chocolate, or Caramel)
  • 1 - 8oz Bag of Barista Grade Chai 

- Please include one of the following roast level preferences in the notes of your order so we are able to curate coffee samples to suit your preferences! Light/Medium Roast, Medium/Dark Roast, or Any - If you have a preference on what Sauce Bottle you receive please include that in the notes as well. 

 The Adventurers Kit - This one is for the adventurous palate, the person who is willing to try something new, out of the box, and fun! 

  • 12 - Steeped Coffee packs, perfect for a new way to brew.
  • - 4oz Bag of Cascara (the dried coffee cherry) you steep into a tea and sip on cider like, tea like, sweet juicy goodness!
  • 2 - Odyssey Chocolate Bars that will entrance you with their incredible sourcing and craftsmanship you can taste in every bite.

    The Coffee Bar Kit - Perfect for your at home baristas and coffee loving friends!

    • Recipe Cards for making cozy holiday drinks at home 
    • 1 - Chocolate Sauce Squeeze Bottle 
    • 1 - White Chocolate Sauce Squeeze Bottle 
    • 1 - 750ml Barista Twenty-Two Vanilla Syrup and Pump
    • 1 - 8oz Bag of Barista Grade Chai Powder
    • 1 - 12oz Bag of our Espresso #14 Blend
    • 1 - 12oz Bag of our Holiday Blend Medium Roast 
    • 2 - Third Wave Water Packs

      Gift Subscriptions- Three month, Six month, and year long subscription gifts. Each gift subscription includes a bonus sampler pack with 6 different coffees + instructions!

      - When ordering, please include the recipients name and address so we can ship their sampler pack to them. The sampler pack comes with a card and a QR code so they can choose their next coffee, or they can forgo picking and we will send them our Roasters Choice the next month! If you would like this gift shipped within specific dates during the holiday season, please include that in the comments of your order. 

      *** By default, all our coffees are shipped whole bean, so make sure that you have a grinder on hand so that you get the freshest cup possible! If you do not have a grinder at home, tell us how you brew your coffee in the notes of your order so we can grind it before we ship it out! ***

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does my coffee take to ship?

      We roast your coffee to order. Your order will typically be roasted on the Tuesday or Thursday after it is received. Orders typically ship within 1-3 Business days and should arrive within 7 Business days.

      Where do you source my coffee?

      We source coffees from all over the world. The coffees you are buying are principally grown between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, around the equator. We work with importers who seek out coffees and often develop close relationships with the farmers. In fact, nearly all of our coffees that you love are grown by farmers who have a family member or close friend here in the US who helps bridge the gap between you and the farmers! These are such important relationships because we have learned that these connections help ensure that the coffee you are buying is working hard not just to bring you a great cup each morning, but also to positively impact on the lives of the hardworking, dedicated farmers and their families.

      Can I cancel my coffee subscription?

      Yes you can cancel at any time by logging into your account, where you will find a link to manage any of your subscription items directly. You can pause, modify, or even cancel your subscription as you see fit.