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Odyssey Chocolate

Odyssey Chocolate

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Odyssey Chocolate is dedicated to creating the highest quality chocolate available. Johnny crafts these bars to maintain as much of the health benefits of the nibs as possible and to showcase the undeniable differences between any of his two different origins. We connected with them this past year at the Lynchburg farmers market and now have the pleasure of sharing this exceptional product with you!

***ATTENTION: This product is available for local pickup or delivery only during summer months.  During cooler months, shipping is an option. 

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar. Vegan, Gluten Free

Below you will find descriptions of each bar, enjoy! 

Venezuelan Chuao 80% Dark Chocolate2022 Academy of Chocolate Silver Medal winner! One of the few Criollo Origins in existence. This chocolate has very interesting nutty and fruity notes, and is essentially free of all bitterness. I tend to make it at 80% because of the low levels of bitterness and astringency.  This was the very first internationally awarded chocolate bar we ever produced.

Monster BarThe monster bar is an attempt to make a sweet candy type milk chocolate without the milk powder. This bar starts with a blend of Colombian and Criollo Venezuelan cacao beans, and then gets cranked up a notch with 6 full Ecuadorian vanilla beans. Oh and I should probably mention that a good bit of sugar goes into this one. It's a 50% bar.

Ingredients: Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla

Peru Alto Urubama 80% Dark ChocolateAlto Urubamba is one of the very few co-ops to grow Chuncho type beans. These tiny little beans pack a ton of delicious creaminess overflowing with fruity tangy notes. Despite the higher percentage of cacao that we chose for this bar I find it to be one that I can eat like the sweeter monster bar. It just keeps me coming back for the next bite.

Côte d'Ivoire 70% Dark Chocolate This bar has takes a pure Côte d'Ivoire spin on the "classic" dark chocolate taste. It's also sourced through the Rain Forest Alliance for better labor practices. I can't tell you how many people have told me that they taste a coconut note in this bar, but I have always described it as "earthy." Once at a market I met a couple from West Africa who, when tasting told me "This bar tastes like how the earth in the Côte d'Ivoire smells right after it rains," and apparently it must smell pretty good after the rain.

70% Bolivia Wild Harvest - This is wild heirloom Cacao untouched by human hands - at least in known history.

I believe every cacao origin is special in some way or another, but maybe it could be said that some stand out from the crowd a bit more. This is one of those stand-outs. This origin is harvested from the Amazon Jungle, and not from any farm or plantation. This is cacao as nature intended, harvested by trekking into the rain forest where they can be found growing naturally then brought out to ferment and dry. 

The beans are smaller, but they pack an immense flavorful punch. I find this origin to be very distinct. It's smooth and creamy yet bold and tangy. The great adventure needed to get to these rare wild beans truly capture the essence of Odyssey Chocolate. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Vietnamese Lam Dong- After working with every Vietnamese cacao origin available in the 2022 harvest, we decided that the Lam Dong region was making the most complex, elegant and creamy origin of the harvest year. It reminds me of the 2017 harvest of Ben Tre that we won one of our first two Academy of Chocolate awards for....except I think it's even better! 

It has notes of cinnamon, chocolate covered raisins, and other dark and hearty baking spices. This is a truly unique origin. There's nothing even remotely like it outside of Vietnam.

Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate- Kokoa Kamili is a fermentary in Tanzania that collects unfermented Cacao from many small farms in the Tanzanian area. The folks over at Kokoa Kamili are experts at fermenting cacao, which takes away any doubt that there may be off flavors from improper fermentation at the farm. Fermentation is quite possibly the most important key-factor to a flawless chocolate resulting in this origin being smooth with hints of orange, and a bit buttery. I can't recommend trying this decadent bar enough!

Colombia Arauca 70% Dark Chocolate- The Arauca region lies on the border of Colombia and Venezuela along the Arauca River basin. Here in this abundant region a female owned and operated farm produces these wonderful "Arauqita5" beans, native to the area. To my pallet there is a characteristic to the chocolate reminiscent of it's Venezuelan neighbors. The final result has notes of cream, fruit and nuts as well as a bit of chocolate cake!

The Chili Bar- For this bar we're using a secret blend of Chili from all over the world. From Mexico to the US and Syria this bar is a blend of the best.

Smokey, saucy, raisin, cherry and just enough spice to wake you up. This bar is a love letter to Chili.

All the Chilis used in this bar were dry roasted and ground by us to ensure the highest quality. We even chose to keep the seeds from some chilies and kept out the seeds from other depending on if the seeds added to the flavor or detracted.

As far as I'm concerned this is the definitive chili bar out there in the craft chocolate world and I will do my best to maintain this level of quality as we transition into having this bar as part of our regular line up.



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We roast your coffee to order. Your order will typically be roasted on the Tuesday or Thursday after it is received. Orders typically ship within 1-3 Business days and should arrive within 7 Business days.

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We source coffees from all over the world. The coffees you are buying are principally grown between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, around the equator. We work with importers who seek out coffees and often develop close relationships with the farmers. In fact, nearly all of our coffees that you love are grown by farmers who have a family member or close friend here in the US who helps bridge the gap between you and the farmers! These are such important relationships because we have learned that these connections help ensure that the coffee you are buying is working hard not just to bring you a great cup each morning, but also to positively impact on the lives of the hardworking, dedicated farmers and their families.

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Yes you can cancel at any time by logging into your account, where you will find a link to manage any of your subscription items directly. You can pause, modify, or even cancel your subscription as you see fit.